IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Associate Pastor of Administration and Recreation


HOURS: Full Time (Salary Position)

This position is responsible for general maintenance on Trinity Baptist church properties, and coordination of work with outside contractors. This position will be held accountable for the overall maintenance level of Trinity Baptist Church. This position coordinates all maintenance projects and building or grounds problems with the Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee and/or assigned minister to ensure agreeable solutions prior to proceeding with corrective actions.

Is responsible for, but not limited to completing work in the following areas: (a) initial HVAC checks and adjustment/replacement of thermostats; (b) general plumbing issues; (c) replace electrical switches, outlets, lights, ballasts; and (d) minor carpentry work, replace ceiling tiles, repair/hang doors, repair/replace hinges and knobs, touchup painting, etc. Respond to work requests, prioritizing the work based on immediate needs of the church. Document work accomplished on repair/maintenance request form.

When level of repair requires specialized trade knowledge, initiate work request to designated contractor, ensuring compliance with contract terms. Apprise Chairman of Building and Grounds Committee and/or assigned minister of requirements for major, non-routine repairs and related costs prior to authorizing repairs. Ensure satisfactory completion of work by contractor. When repairs require soliciting bids, assist the Building and Grounds Committee with obtaining the bids.

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, walk through the facility to check on HVAC, ensuring that all units are working properly and set at appropriate temperature. In case of adverse wintry weather, take appropriate actions to ensure sidewalks, walkways and steps are clear of ice/snow as much as possible for the safety of all people.

Maintain the columbarium through periodic cleaning of the walls, bricks and niches. Place new plaques and bricks as needed.

Coordinate small equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaners) repair needs with external sources. Deliver or coordinate delivery of equipment to and from TBC for necessary repairs.

Perform weekly preventative maintenance inspections of Trinity Baptist Church properties. Document inspections on preventative maintenance sheets, and notify the Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee and/or assigned minister of any conditions encountered which could adversely affect the safety, reliability or efficiency of the facility. Remain abreast of contracted services and schedule preventative maintenance by contractors in accordance with contract terms. Monitor service contracts to ensure renegotiations in a timely manner, and provide pre-negotiation input, as appropriate, to the Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee and/or assigned minister.

Be the contact person and be present for all scheduled governmental inspections and keep the church informed in regards to any updates in regulations and the status of all systems that are inspected.

Attend Building and Grounds Committee meetings to report on current status of building maintenance and to remain abreast of future plans, special projects or non-routine requirements. Assist Building and Grounds committee in setting up scheduled volunteer workdays or projects.

Maintain building spaces, including mechanical/electrical rooms, in a neat and orderly manner, ensuring proper storage and/or disposal of excess furniture, equipment etc. Inventory supply and maintain a small stock to immediately respond to routine work requests.

Receive request for special services and provide assistance as appropriate in the accomplishment of special assignments, such as setting up of furniture or building of structure for special functions. Reports any major problems to the Chairman of the Building Grounds committee and/or assigned minister and request assistance when needed. Employee is expected to provide input for his own annual performance appraisal as requested by Supervisor.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Building and Grounds Committee

General skills in the facilities maintenance trades of HVAC, plumbing , electrical system and carpentry.
Ability to work well with others.

Must possess a valid NC driver’s license.
Must be able to lift a least 50 pounds.
Must be able to work from a ladder.
Must be organized and able to follow through with projects until completion.