Proposed By Law Update

September 17, 2023


The text of Section 6.18 of the Bylaws (Music Committee) is revised to read as follows:


The Music Committee shall consist of nine (9) members. The Music Committee shall be responsible for:

(a) finding opportunities to witness through music within the church, to the local community, and to the outside world;

(b) emphasizing the importance of music in strengthening faith development;

(c)  nurturing the spiritual development of music ministry participants and the greater church membership;

(d) encouraging active participation in the church’s music ministry by church members/prospects of all ages;

(e) partnering with other church ministries to align music with, and integrating plans for, worship, spiritual development, and ministering inside and outside the church;

(f) cultivating community within and across the church’s musical groups; and

(g) supporting the minister responsible for music in the planning of each year’s music budget.


At least two-thirds of the members of this Committee should be directly involved in the music program, with such involvement being in the church’s music program as a vocal or instrumental performer, accompanist, leader of a musical group or program, or parent or guardian of another person so involved in the music program.