In 1954, the Missions Committee, under the leadership of Rev. Lee Pridgen, Executive Secretary of the Raleigh Baptist Association, saw the need for a Baptist Church to be located on Six Forks Road.

Trinity Baptist Church was formed to serve the people of the many residential developments being built. It was realized that the suburban area north of Raleigh was growing at a very rapid pace. After considerable study, it was very apparent that no church was located near enough to properly minister to the needs of the rapidly increasing number of people. The Missions Committee voted to take the necessary steps to secure a church site and assist the people of the area in establishing a church.

The first meeting to make plans for organizing a new Baptist Church on Six Forks Road was held Sunday afternoon, September 11, 1955, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid Hill on Bellevue Road with 20 people attending. A similar meeting was held each Sunday afternoon through November 13, 1955. Rev. Lee Pridgen was on hand to answer questions and assist in making plans. The group elected C. H. Pritchard as Chairman and Reid Hill as Secretary until the church was organized.

Those present at the first meeting are as follows: Jesse V. Booth, Carroll A. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Julius F. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. J. Reid Hill, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Howell, Raymond C. Jones, L.A. Millis, Rev. Robert L. Newton, Jack A. Painter, Rev. Lee Pridgen, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Pritchard, E. H. Roberts, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Shaw, W.T. Thomas, Jr., and W. Andrew Ward. Other services were held in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Julius F. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Pritchard, Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Drew, and Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Roberts, Jr.

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