The Covid-19 Advisory Team’s mission statement:

Because we love our church family, we will seek to minimize risk and ask our congregation to act responsibly.

Our Most Recent Update by Dr. Jeff Roberts | February 18, 2022

Dear Trinity Family,

During the pandemic we have sought to do what is best for Trinity and at the same time be good community members. In recent weeks, we have witnessed protocols concerning mask usage changing as well as a decrease in Covid 19 cases. Gov. Cooper has now asked those in North Carolina to consider the lifting of indoor masking mandates. These changes have given us an opportunity to revisit our mask request at Trinity.  For the past several months we have requested we all masks when in the building.  I am so appreciative of how you have responded to that request and am forever grateful for your participation.  We now believe that wearing a mask should be optional for everyone except for those who are volunteering with our preschool children.  (We will continue to monitor our protocols for our preschoolers and follow the best guidelines in the future.)  Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to make their own decisions regarding this protocol change, we will begin this new protocol on Sunday February 27, 2022.

The recommendation, of masks as optional, will mean that many of you will now choose not to wear a mask when we gather.  However, we should all be aware that there are many within our congregation who are still being cautious for a variety of reasons and may choose to continue to wear a mask when we gather.  As we have done throughout this pandemic, let us treat each other with kindness and understanding no matter what one might choose.

During the pandemic we have used this as our guiding statement:

Because we love our church family, we will seek to minimize risk and ask our congregation to act responsibly

I love that statement because it reminds us of three important things.  We are family.  Those who we gather with on Sunday are not strangers but brothers and sisters in Christ.  We must always treat each other with the respect and concern that the word family indicates.  We will act out of love.  Putting each other first requires action on our part.  We continue to seek to act in loving ways toward each other.  We all have a responsibility.  We are the church and thus we belong to Christ and to each other.  This means we all must do our part whether in word, deed, or attitude for the building of the body of Christ.

Thank you, church family, for living into this statement for these past two years.  Thank you for continuing to hold one another up in prayer and actions.  I am so grateful to be your pastor.

Dr. Jeff Roberts