A Word From Your Church
February 12, 2021

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Our Most Recent Update by Dr. Jeff Roberts

Dear Trinity Family,

It is hard to believe that we are nearing a year of navigating the COVID-19 virus.  I am so proud of the resolve of our congregation.  We adopted as our mission statement during the pandemic these words: Because we love our church family we will seek to minimize risk and trust our congregation to act responsibly.  This statement has guided us and will continue to guide us in the days ahead.

During January, under the advice of our Covid Advisory Team, we chose to limit our gatherings to worship and very few small gatherings as requested by our membership.  Our deacons helped us set the priority of Worship and Sunday School, so this has been our focus.  We have been able to offer an in-person worship service each Sunday morning since August and have been able to offer a virtual worship experience as well.  In the time we have returned to the Sanctuary, we have averaged around 170 attendees a Sunday.  However, our records show we have had over 450 different participants during that time.  In addition, we have no record or indication that anyone has been infected by the virus by being in worship or any of our other gatherings.  This is due to the work of our Covid Advisory Team and our congregation’s discipline when it comes to our protocols.  

During this time, our Sunday School Council has continued to find ways to enhance our Sunday School and Bible Study experience.  Some classes are meeting in small numbers on campus in their own rooms and doing zoom with other class members.  The large majority of the Sunday School classes remain virtual at this time. Many of them have had the most participation they have ever had as a class.  I am so grateful to our Sunday School leadership, teachers and all who have made a commitment to one another and to our church by being regularly connected in Sunday School.

As we look to the future I am hopeful for the days ahead.  Our Covid Advisory Team is still meeting.  We have added to our team our new Deacon Chair, Kevin Bell and Trustee Chair, Baron Hignite.  Our goal as a team remains the same.  We seek to minimize risk but are seeking to help our congregation stay connected and meet in the safest way possible.

I want to make you aware of  the current challenges, which are being discussed, and some plans we are making. As the vaccine process has begun, many of our members have already received the vaccine and many more will in the next few months.  We anticipate that this will mean that many in the congregation will be ready to return to worship and other gatherings.  It is our intent at this time to continue with our protocols as we gather.  We will continue to monitor this as we move forward.  Of course, we are all looking forward to a time when we need to no longer keep the protocols we have adopted.  That time will come and we will do our best to follow the best advice we can receive regarding that timing.  

As more of our membership returns to worship, we will be monitoring the numbers in the 10:55 a.m. service.  Our worship sub-committee has re-engaged and has begun the discussion regarding adding another worship time in the future as our attendance will dictate.  In addition, we will continue our discussion on the content of our worship and how we can add various elements (more congregational singing, offering, invitation etc.) to worship in a safe manner in the future.

Our Sunday School Council is seeking input from Sunday School classes regarding the indicators that would move classes back to meeting in person on campus.  We are exploring the technical needs for classes so they can offer both in-person and virtual experiences each week.  We know that each class is different and some have challenges that others do not.  We are seeking to provide the assistance that will help each class remain strong.

Our Children’s Ministry continues to work with leadership and parents in determining ways forward for not only Sunday School but also Extended Teaching Care.  Let me say this is one of the hardest challenges we face and various ideas are being explored.

We have come a long way during this difficult and challenging year.  We have learned a lot about who we are and the commitment we have to God and to each other.  We have learned about what is important to us and what we believe is essential as a congregation.  As your Pastor, I promise I will do my best not to let us miss what God is teaching us in this time.  I believe God will use this time to “work good” in our lives and our church.

Continue to pray for our church.  God has much in store for us in the days ahead.  As Jesus said to his first disciples “come and see.” 

God Bless,

Dr. Jeff Roberts