Family Devotion – Apr 26, 2020

Family Devotion – Mar 26, 2020

You can STILL participate in TBC 20 in 2020… at HOME!

Here are some Ideas:

Missions Ideas

North Raleigh Ministries is in need of some items for their food pantry. Especially during a time where people are out of work and school. Here are some items they need:

  • Canned chicken, Canned salmon, Spaghetti sauce, Spaghetti noodles, Canned soups, Peanut butter, Jelly, Rice (regular sized bags), Cereals, Granola, Canned pasta with meat, Spam, Vienna sausages, Non refrigerated country ham products, Beef jerky, Cleaning supplies (new, unopened), Toilet paper, and Paper towels
  • If you prefer to financially donate, NRM will use the funds to buy meat. Thank you for thinking of our neighbors.
  • This is a GREAT way to teach our children during this time!


Pray for Missionaries!

  • Missing GA’s RA’s and Missions friends? So am I! Use this Missions Prayer Calendar as a guide of how to pray for other.


Cards to our Essential Workers at TBC!

  • Can you send 4 cards in the next 4 weeks? (So send 1 a week)  to someone on our Essential workers list?
  • If you need a copy of this list email Katie at
  • That is just ONE way we can show God’s love right now!!

Discipleship Ideas

Learn some Bible verses as a family…. Here are some ideas:



  • We aren’t meeting in SS but here is something YOU can be doing as a FAMILY at HOME ….
  • Devotional to be doing at Home as a Family I love this resource! I’ll be following along!
  • Make sure to check email and the website for all your children’s weekly take home pages from SS! (Babies through 5th grade) I hope you will be intentional about reading the story together.

Coloring Pages

Sabbath Note Cards 

  • To use, print the one minute and five minute cards on different colored papers or cardstock.
  • When you’re interested in taking a mini-sabbath, just select the appropriate card from the pile and do what it says.
  • Repeat whenever you’d like a mini Sabbath!


  • Who doesn’t love to get mail? Let’s encourage our homebound members during this time by writing/making cards for them. Contact Katie at for the homebound list!

Under God’s Wing

This ceremony brings parents and children together at a time when a traumatic news story or stressful event is happening in the world and if affecting the family. The beauty of this activity is that it gives children a space to talk about their feelings if they want to, but it does not demand that they speak at all. It also helps children to feel safe, protected, and sheltered. This activity would be particularly helpful for your children who are having a hard time or dealing with some anxiety!

Download Under God’s Wing

Faith Conversion Starters

Here are some conversation starters for you and your family to use! It’s pretty simple:

  • Download and print the document here, and cut out each card.
  • Stack the cards on your dinner table or other gathering place.
  • Once a day, have a family member draw a card, and let everyone take a turn answering the question.
  • It is a fun way to stay connected, learn about each other, and keep the conversation going!
  • Another way to use these- facetime friends or family members that you can’t go play with right now and ask them these questions! A great way to connect right now!
  • This “game” is FOR EVERYONE!

I hope to see you all soon! I know our kids are going to come up with some great answers to these questions! I’d love to hear your answers as we stay engaged with each other!