Average 18 Volunteers Per Year

Medical-Dental-Optometric Clinics

Many in our congregation have vocational skills in the medical/dental/optometric fields. Others go willingly to offer assistance to these by setting up facilities, registering patients, managing the pharmacy, caring for children while parents are seen, teaching hygiene skills and going to get more supplies. Literally thousands have been treated by Trinity members and others from the Raleigh area who joined the team to make up for needed skills. Prescription medications are ordered through MAP – an organization committed to making drugs available at low cost to Christian teams going on medical missions. Around $600 purchases a kit of drugs uniquely chosen to meet the needs of the country where the service will take place. This kit contains drugs worth many thousands of dollars. Over the counter medications are collected from
the congregation in the weeks leading up to the mission. In addition, eye glasses, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss are collected from our congregation members or donated by local businesses.

Medical-Dental-Optometric Clinics

Dominican Republic – joined SBC missionaries Keith and Lisa Wagner three different years in their outreach to the poor living in barrios around Santo Domingo. Follow up would take place after the teams left in an effort to establish a church in the barrio.

Belize – partnering with the congregation of Lagoon Road Baptist Church in St. Margaret’s Village, teams have used the church facilities constructed earlier by TBC teams to provide much needed treatment to the hundreds of people from many miles around. Another team also has done a week-long clinic in Valley of Peace, where thousands of El Salvadoran refugees live.

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