TBC Student Ministry works to teach students the heart of servanthood through biblical teaching and hands on ministry experiences.


Middle School

Each Sunday from 6:15-7:00 pm, middle school students meet for MS Missions. There, our middle school students learn and experience missions. Periodically, MS students meet earlier on Sunday afternoons to experience hands-on ministry. They serve the community by ministering with Operation InAsMuch, Souper Bowl of Caring, North Raleigh Ministries,  Pan Lutheran Ministries, and others. Our goal for MS students is to not only learn about missions through biblical teaching but to experience it first hand as much as possible.


High School

Student Missions

Our high school students learn to serve others locally, nationally, and internationally. Through each of the ministry opportunities, our hope is for high school students to put their faith into action by living out the “fruit of the Spirit” that result in the works of service. Each year, the high school students lead Souper Bowl of Caring to support local ministries. Our high school students prepare and serve a soup and sandwich luncheon for the church family while taking donations for local ministries. The students also support ministries such as Operation Christmas Child Collection, Operation InAsMuch and North Raleigh Ministries throughout different times of the year by being participants in these different ministries.

Student Missions

The HS students serve the Charleston, SC region during Spring Break each year through home construction, providing labor for the Lowcountry Food Bank, assisting Tricounty Ministries and connecting with Windwood Farm, a home for children. Each year, students learn useful skills while learning to sacrifice time, energy, and resources to minister to the city of Charleston and surrounding areas.

The high school students also go on mission each summer to serve other parts of our nation. The mission trip site and focus change each summer, alternating between rural and urban areas to give students diverse experiences. In addition, every 4 years, our high school students go on an international mission trip to experience a different culture and how God is working in other parts of the world.



Our college students serve on mission trips each summer nationally and internationally to broaden their world view and to experience how God is at work in other areas.