Deep Water Wells, Sewing Machines, Church Planters and More Financed in Bihar, India

Transform India Movement

Bihar is one of the poorest states in all of India. Some of the major problems encountered by Biharans include very poor health care, high infant mortality, limited access to clean water, and an illiteracy rate of nearly 50 percent. Located in the northern part of the country, less than one half of one percent of the population is Christian. However, that is beginning to change through the efforts of a ministry called T.I.M.

T.I.M. stands for Transform India Movement. Begun by Pastor Biju Thomas, TIM seeks to train and place church planters in villages where there is currently no access to the Christian Gospel. TIM seeks to impact these villages physically and spiritually with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Trinity currently adopts one village annually for $2,800; providing a well, literacy school, one time medical clinic, 200 Bibles and hymnals and a trained church planter.

Transform India Movement

For $800 you can sponsor digging a single well. Most villages do not have clean drinking water. Unlike many of the open bore wells in India, these wells are deep (as much as 300 feet) and provide clean, safe water. Each well is dedicated with a Christian service. Scripture is written in Hindi proclaiming Jesus as the giver of “living water”. Trinity has sponsored 28 of these wells through 2012, mainly through Sunday School classes and the Missions Steering Committee.

We have also sponsored six women per year to attend sewing school and provided them with a sewing machine upon graduation so they can make money to support their families. Cost is $225 each.