Upcoming Sermons by Dr. G Jeffrey Roberts:
Below is a schedule of upcoming sermon series by Dr. G. Jeffery Roberts. Sermons are manually edited following the date of delivery to the congregation at Trinity Baptist Church. If you are looking for a sermon topic from prior series, please call (919) 787-3740 or email the church office.  Audio CDs of services are also available.

Spring and Summer

July 7 In the Pressure Cooker Acts 5:27-42
July 14 The First Church Business Meeting Acts 6:1-7
July 21 Doing Nothing is Doing Something Acts 7:54-8:1
July 28 On the Road to Nowhere and Somewhere Acts 8:26-40
August 4 I Saw the Light Acts 9:1-19
August 11 Seeing through God Colored Glasses Acts 10:9-47
August 18 A Woman’s Place is In the Church Acts 16:11-15
August 25 Tapping Into Power Acts 19:1-22