Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

We hope you are coming to Trinity to find a place where you can grow in your knowledge and understanding of Christ’s Kingdom on earth and your place in it.  Sunday School with Bible study is the discipline for learning more about your relationship to God, deepening your faith, and finding your talents.  It is also the place where you will build friendships with other Christians who will help you see God in a real world way.  We have Sunday School classes for all ages.  In our Adult Departments you will find many Bible Study classes from which to choose.  Each class is unique in teaching style, curriculum and character.  You are encouraged to view the Adult Sunday School Class Directory (here should be a PDF link) and visit several classes as you seek to discover this important place at Trinity.  The hostesses in the Narthex are also available each Sunday morning to assist you and each member of your family in finding a Sunday School class.

Our Sunday School is from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Preschool Division

Babies A                                 0-4 months                            E105

Babies B                                 5-10 months                          E104

Babies C                                 11-14 months                        E103

1 A (younger)                        15-19 months                        E102

1 B                                          20-14 months                        E100

2’s                                           Age 2 by start of given year            E125

3’s                                           Age 3 by start of given year        E128

4’s Pre-K                                 Age 4 by start of given year        E134

Kindergarten                         Age 5 by start of given year        E129


Children Division

Grade 1                                                                                   E238

Grade 2                                                                                   E240

Grade 3                                                                                   E241

Grade 4                                                                                   E246

Grade 5                                                                                   E244

Special Needs                                                                        D270


Student Division

Student 1

Grade 6 Girls                                                                          A321

Grade 6 Boys                                                                         A309

Grade 7 Girls                                                                          A322

Grade 7 Boys                                                                         A312

Grade 8                                                                                   A306


Student 2

Grade 9                                                                                   A317

Grade 10                                                                                A314


Student 3

Grade 11                                                                                A318

Grade 12                                                                                A315


Student 4

College                                                                                    Underground


Adult Division

Adult 6                                   20’s – 30’s

Coed 1                                                                                    C102

Coed 2                                                                                    C101


Adult 5                                   30’s-45

Coed 1                                                                                    D360

Coed 2                                    Koinonia                                 D363

Coed 3                                    Route 66                                 D366

Coed 4                                                                                    D362


Adult 4                       35-50’s

Coed 1                                                                                    C309

Coed 2                        Pathfinders                                        C308

Coed 3                                                                                    B344

Coed 4                                                                                    B345

Coed 5                        Hope Alive                                         B342

Coed 6                        Salted Mixed Nuts                             B342

Coed 7                                                                                    C102


Adult 3                       50-70’s         

Coed 1                        Dimmock                                            C304

Coed 2                                                                                    B349

Coed 3                                                                                    C303

Coed 4                                                                                    C301

Coed 6                        Wisdom Seekers                                C305

Ladies                         Faith                                                   C307


Adult 2                       60-75

Coed 1                        Lamplighters                                     A214

Coed 2                        Willing Hearts                                   B236

Coed 3                        Fellowship Class                                B231

Ladies                         Ruth Covenant                                   B233


Adult 1                       75+

Coed 1                        Encouragers                                      A212