Trinity Baptist Church values biblical worship, which stresses the presence and the majesty of God. Worship should be God directed. Worship should inform, challenge, and encourage the believer. Worship should declare God’s message of love through Christ. Worship should involve all of the senses and the intellect.


Trinity Baptist Church values genuine fellowship, which is intentional and produces unity and harmony in the church family, the body of Christ.


Trinity Baptist Church values life-long spiritual learning for a Christian. We value spiritual growth, which begins before conversion, leads to conversion, and develops the Christian character.


Trinity Baptist Church values care and concern for one another within the church. We view each member as a part of a family of faith to be cherished and accepted as a brother or sister in Christ.


Trinity Baptist Church values active participation in sharing the love of God through Christ with the world. We value the spoken witness, the witness through creative arts, and the witness of the work of our hands.