Trinity values strong, healthy marriages, and we invest in our marriages through a ministry specifically geared toward pro-active marriage health.  Each month our Marriage Enrichment Groups meet to learn, discover, and grow.  Every winter, our couples are invited on a Marriage Retreat to further their marriage health journey.  If you are interested in finding out more about the marriage ministry at Trinity, contact Dr. Jeff Roberts at

The Trinity Baptist Marriage Ministry is focused on supporting marriages and providing intentional activities for married couples to engage in communication, affirmation and fun!!



The Marriage Ministry at TBC provides many opportunities for couples to celebrate life together. Having fun together provides opportunities for growth as a couple.


The Marriage Ministry at TBC allows couples to find mutual support from other couples that also want to invest in their marriages. You are not required to share, if you do not wish to do so.


The Marriage Ministry at TBC gives couples a chance to assess their marriage in an optimistic atmosphere.

There are two main programs that are provided each year for TBC married couples:

Marriage Enrichment Groups

MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT GROUPS or “MEGS” are couples who meet once a month to invest an evening in growing their marriage. This is a fun opportunity to meet other couples who believe in marriage and want to participate in activities designed to improve communication.

Each year, TBC hosts a “starter” MEG for couples that are new to marriage enrichments. Many of these groups stay together and continue to participate in monthly MEG activities as a group in future years. The Marriage Ministry provides materials for these monthly MEGS (such as books, video series, etc).

Marriage Retreat

Each year the TBC Marriage Ministry hosts a Marriage Retreat. This is typically held in February at North Myrtle Beach. This retreat gives couples a chance to spend concentrated time with intentional activities to improve communication and affirm one another. It is a great chance to become friends with other married couples. And, plenty of free time is built in to just enjoy each other.