North Raleigh Ministries

North Raleigh Ministries has been equipping families and individuals in crisis with the resources and skills they need to achieve stability. Since being founded in 2004 by Trinity Baptist, St. Timothy’s Episcopal, Grace Lutheran, Hudson Memorial Presbyterian, and St. Mark’s Methodist churches, NRM has grown to meet the changing needs of our community. Their program model is effective and exceptional in walking with families and individuals throughout every step of their journey towards stability. Thousands of neighbors experiencing financial hardship benefit from services in the following ways:

Food Pantry

God has called NRM to feed the hungry. Neighbors in need of food due to a recent crisis or financial hardship are welcome to visit the NRM Food Pantry for grocery assistance. The pantry offers fresh produce, meat, dairy items, pantry staples, baked goods, and household supplies to neighbors experiencing a financial crisis and who live in 27604, 27609, 27612, 27613, 27614, 27615, 27616.

In addition to monthly grocery assistance, NRM opens a weekly produce stand each Thursday at 2:30 p.m., offers BackPack Buddies Plus for families with school aged children, holiday meals, emergency food and more.


Guidance & Prayer

NRM’s staff and interns are available to serve as a listening ear, pray, and to help neighbors experiencing hardship find appropriate services offered in the community.

Life Changing Programs

NRM offers programs designed to provide support during an immediate crisis, break the cycle of financial hardship and help clients plan for a self-sustaining future. Whether someone is experiencing a significant life change and suddenly finding themselves in a financial crisis or a family is living in perpetual financial hardship, NRM is here to help. We walk alongside families and individuals as they design and implement a roadmap to overcome their challenges and move towards a better future. Participants have access to one-on-one case management and coaching, financial literacy training, budgeting assistance, job coaching, application assistance, prayer, emotional support, childcare and meals during classes, goal setting, encouragement, and so much more. Participants also receive weekly grocery assistance while enrolled in a program to help them focus on their goals and save funds for other crucial expenses.


Thrift Shoppe

The NRM Thrift Shoppes offer quality household goods, clothing, shoes, accessories, handcrafted floral arrangements, small appliances, and more at affordable prices. The stores are a great resource for the community, and they help to support the ministry programs.

Visit to learn more about our programs and about how you can get involved.

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